Your 2023 Dating Style

Dating for the plot, delulu looking for a solulu, or not attached to outcomes (N.A.T.O) - curious to know what your dating style in 2023 was? Take the quiz and find out!

Which emoji best describes your dating vibe this year?
  • always ready for a new adventure
  • honestly, still expecting a miracle
  • still trying to overcome some dates that were a no for me
  • 🌟 not here for any kind of pressure
  • 💐 ready to settle down
What date do you wish you had in 2023?
  • Horror Movie night! 👻
  • Playing Tennis 🎾
  • Anywhere as long as we are VOGUING
  • Walking my dog is a job for two! 🐕
  • Let’s go to a concert 🎤🎸🎶
Which song sums up your year?
  • Last Night by Morgan Wallen
  • Kill Bill by SZA
  • Ella Baila Sola by Eslabon Armado
  • Flowers by Miley Cyrus
  • Unholy by Sam Smith, Kim Petras
What would you consider your main dating style to be?
  • Time together
  • Touch
  • Thoughtful gestures
  • Compliments
  • Presents
What would be your preferred way to communicate with a match?
  • Better in person
  • Big time texter
  • Here for phone calls
  • Video chatter
  • It depends on my mood
You were "Dating For The Plot"

You dated for the experiences, stories, and ‘plot twists’ that come with dating in 2023. You brought that main character energy to every date.

Dating for “the plot” was buzzing on Tinder globally, with a 5.5x increase in users using the term in bios like, “Everything I do is for the plot, let’s make some memories.”

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You were Living In A Delulu World "Looking For Your Solulu"

I think we have all experienced being a bit delulu. This means choosing to be optimistic when facing a disappointing reality in your dating life. And honestly, why not be overly idealistic about anything that is happening in your life? That is the solulu!

Delulu started trending in Tinder bios growing 58x since with bio examples such as “If you are delulu, I’m your solulu”, “Tall, dark and delulu”, and “Turn my delulu into trululu”.

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You were "The Stack Dater"

Let us guess, you’re a very organized person, yeah? Stack dating was all about being mindful, getting organized and taking the situationship to the next level in 2023.

The typical stack dater is open to new ways of fitting dating around their daily schedules and is not here to waste time.

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You were The Alphabet Dater

Those who want to keep their dating lives outside the box might try to go on dates starting with each letter of the alphabet. You literally dated from A to Z.

If you’re looking for inspo, the top interests trending on Tinder in 2023 were Horror Movies, Hip Hop, Tennis, Voguing and Walking my Dog.

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You were N.A.T.O: "Not Attached to Outcomes"

This year, you were all about dating for fun and meeting new people — No pressure whatsoever.

You just adopted the go with the flow vibe, not being too fixated on the future so that you could be present in your dating experience. We love that for you!

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